Whole Halves


I am Iwa the writer and rapper.

This is a blog dedicated to rap music as poetry. I have a rough image of what I hope it will become but for now let us indulge each other in my words and, hopefully, in some of yours too.

So here is to deeper hip hop.


Have you hurt enough to ask me what I know about pain?
Are you out of your mind enough to call me insane.
Are you immune to the fire enough to douse my flames.
Have you escaped your ghosts before you say I scapegoat my blame.

Shhh…The chip in your eye and the log in mine weigh the same. When I call you love it masks the hate and I can’t wait till I no longer have to procrastinate going home because I feel alone in your presence.
Your gaze has deadened and we’ve hit a dead end.
Meals are breakfast and brawls in bed.
Consoled at the bar and fight with my consoler instead.
Tired of the game. I’m putting the console that is this love to rest. I wish you the best… I wish you the best..

I’m lying.

I hope you choke on my tears.
Drown in the open air.
Hope the elements put your body to the test and that it fails..
I was captive in your jail and suicide was the only bail.
You Were judge and jury.
Your injustice prevailed. Send me a postcard when you get to hell…

I’m lying.

I’m lying and my heart beat is proof, can’t you feel my pulse in this tune? words mirror my mind. I can’t read this cause I can’t face the truth.
There’s a you without me and a me without you.
But if we were one when it was us two then I can’t be whole without you.

The numbers don’t lie but you only got lies when you called mine. And the cold shoulders told me you weren’t when you said you were fine.
Said we were both working but our love was all we were grinding.
This honesty’s blinding. So what we were looking for lots grope in the dark until we find it.
But if you can’t hear me anymore. Pray you don’t mistake my death for silence…



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